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At we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality alkyl nitrite, solvents, cleaners, liquids and Poppers Express. Being part of a small company means that we build long, lasting and valued relationships with our customers. At we work to ensure that you are satisfied with all aspects of poppers online. We stand behind our products  and we know that you will too!

REAL Alkyl Nitrite Made in the USA for the USA!

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At we pride ourselves in providing an unparalleled selection of REAL USA alkyl nitrites, solvents, poppers, cleaners and liquids.Whatever your favorite selection of alkyl nitrite poppers, we have them available at Yes, poppers are "alkyl nitrites" in the generic sense, although many people still refer to them as amyl nitrate.  We are not stuck on naming conventions, so however you want to name your poppers, we have the genuine labels available here. Making sure that our customers are more than satisfied with our products is at the forefront our company’s objective. To ensure that you are given both the highest quality of nitrite products and the highest quality of service, our company abides to a strict business protocol.

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